There are two obituaries for Florence which summarise Florence’s life and work very well. The one in the Herald by Loudon Temple leans more towards her career as an artist, whilst the one by Jennifer McBain in The Scotsman adds more about Florence’s character.

Some images from Florence’s life.

Florence Jamieson in her flat in St Vincent Crescent, Glasgow – photographed just before hanging her solo exhibition at Glasgow University College Club. 1992
Florence with her daughter Rebecca on the beach on the Isle of Arran 1961 Photograph by her then husband Robert Sinclair Thomson
Florence viewing snowdrops near Strathpeffer 2014. As a small child she was always delighted to see huge swathes of snowdrops and her mother would take her specially to see them.
Florence when she was head girl of St Trinneans school age 17 c 1942. She was feeling very ill and was subsequently diagnosed with Jaundice.

Florence in the Clouston St pottery 1950s
Florence and fellow ‘Glasgow Girl’ artist Moira Beatty at the opening of the Kirkcudbright exhibition in 2014
Kirkcudbright “Glasgow Girls” exhibition opening 2014. The four artists remaining alive. L to R Bet Low, Florence Jamieson, Veronica Matthew, Moira Beaty
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